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The Imperial Iranian Navy

 H.H. Prince Chafik (Shah’s Nephew) and SWC at Kharq Island in the Persian Gulf

I had just arrived at ARMISH/MAAG Iran We were an Army Mission and a Military Advisory and Assistance Group in Tehran.  I was on the advisory staff for the Setade Bozorg, which means "Grand Staff" or the supreme military staff to His Imperial Majesty the Shah. It was 1970.

            The head of the Imperial Iranian Navy was Admiral Rassa'i .

            This Chief of the Imperial Iranian Navy (IIN) was left over from the old bunch of admirals.

            About a year before, in 1969, the Iranian Navy had maintained a post on an island in the Persian Gulf to operate a lighthouse and signal station, and to keep an eye on the sneaky Iraqis who might be coming down from Basra on the Shatt al Arab (EuphratesRiver).

            The IIN routinely sent a landing craft out each month to the island to resupply the detachment, and to take replacements, etc.

Watermen at Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf
            However, one month they simply forgot to go out to the island.  Coupled with that, the men on the island had failed to keep up the radio equipment, so they were pretty much stranded out there.  The next month the Navy forgot about them ... still... and so on for several months.

            These poor souls tried everything to get someone's attention, and they took to burning flares.  The first ship to discover them was a Royal Navy destroyer. The RN contacted the British Embassy in Tehran, and Ambassador Ramsbottom contacted the Shah.  It embarrassed the Shah greatly to have the British call attention to such sloppy performance, and so the Shah fired all his admirals-except for Rassa'i.

            That was a clue.  The Persians are very much into appearances and “face”.  In 1970—and today--- they think of themselves as adults in the world community, worthy of respect of all.               
            However, they often did --- and still do---  things that make them look primitive in western eyes.  Forgetting their naval detachment on a tiny island in the Persian Gulf was just such a screw-up.  How they reacted to it shows how sensitive they were to being looked at with disfavor.  Americans and others of the industrialized countries are quick to look askance at people in less developed countries, but I can tell you, after getting to know Persians, and staying in touch with them all these years later, they are wonderful, intelligent, and generous people.  I personally think some of their leaders today are trying to take them back to an earlier century, but I am confident that regular Iranians will, one day soon, have enough of that.

            I arrived after all this, all the admirals except Rassa'i were young men, who had recently been bright Lieutenant Commanders, fresh from training in the UK or the US.  They all spoke English, and were quite sharp looking.  They put on their admirals' uniforms, got rid of their "old" wives, and acquired wives suitable to their new stations in life.

             That gave me a good idea of how the Shah handled problems in his realm.

            My first trip to the Persian Gulf came a short time after this, and it was fascinating to see the Shah's shiny new destroyers and hovercraft, along with the traditional Arab dhows that have sailed in these waters for centuries.  

            Our escort on one trip around the Gulf was Prince Chafik, [H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Shahriar Mustapha Chafik (1945-1979)] a nephew of the Shah, and a Lieutenant Commander in the Imperial Iranian Navy.  He was a dashing young man—the son of Princess Ashraf, the Shah’s twin sister.

[Princess Ashraf ul-Mulki Pahlavi (Persian: اشرف پهلوی) (born 26 October 1919), is the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran and the Pahlavi Dynasty. She currently resides in Paris, France. Princess Ashraf is the oldest living member of her family. She was instrumental in getting the Shah to participate in the counter-coup that overthrew Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953.]
Chafik was commander of all the Imperial Iranian Navy helicopters and hovercraft.  After the 1979 revolution he escaped to Paris, and was gunned down Dec. 7, 1979 there by Iranian Islamic Republic agents.

[NOTE: This Blog was originally posted on April 28, 2011.  This version includes recently discovered old photo and some updating.]
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