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Filling Young Heads


Katie the Orphan Girl… she gets
 caught stealing apples….

          When children of the nineteenth century bent over their books, they learned a lot:  The world is a tough place, life is hard, and you may die young.
            Those poor kids didn’t have television, or electronic games, but perhaps the average young person knew much more about the world than children do today. 
            As they read by the flickering light of a candle, little American kids learned about Queen Victoria’s grandchildren, about William Tell and revolution in Switzerland, about missionaries in Burmah, Hindustan, the Sandwich Islands and Siam… They learned about Indians on the plains in the West, about sailing to distant lands, about pirates and wars, the heroes of the Crimean War, about life in Scotland, and Germany, in the salt mines of Poland, and on ice floes in the Arctic.
            They absorbed a whole load of moral lessons and religion.  They read their share of stories about poor little waifs whose parents had died, about mean men and women who mistreated children horribly.  There was lots of sadness, and death for kids to absorb. 
            Life was hard for many, and these books taught children that lesson without any sugar coating.
In the North, where there were no slaves, they learned about the horrors of slavery, and in the South, where slavery existed, they read amiable stories about life among the slaves.
            These little books often passed along prejudices about people of other lands, other religions and other races.  They ridiculed Chinese people, Blacks, Germans, Irish, Jews and Catholics.
            I wonder if our efforts today to shield children from all the troubles in the world, and to spare them those adult concepts of justice, morality, and prejudice, are the best thing for them?

            Here are some children’s books published between 1823 and 1881, offered by The Personal Navigator:

Queen Victoria’s Grandchildren

Child's Own Magazine for 1865, The 1865  London, England: Sunday School Union, 56, Old Bailey, E.C. Frontispiece picture of The Queen's (Queen Victoria’s) Grandchildren, copied from Oxford Photographic Gallery taken at Windsor in 1863. Followed by lead article, “The Queen's Grandchildren”, who are now the four children of the Princess Royal. Identified in photo are  Prince Frederick William, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Henry. Articles: "The Voyage of the Pigs"; "Broken Cisterns";  "Little-But-Bitter" ; "What Can I Do?" by Ancient Simeon; "Paul and his Donkey" by Cousin William; "Loved or Feared", a fable, by Rev. Paxton Hood; "Smyrna"; "The Truants" by Uncle Joe;  “Daniel in the Lions’ Den;  More stories and illustrations, all with a moral lesson and religious teaching for youngsters. 236 pp. 9 x 14.5 cm. Maroon cloth on board, blindstamped with gilt decoration, gilt-edged pages, slight wear on edges. Inscription on front endpapers: "Presented to Sarah Jane Warburton by her sister Alice April 1866" and "Mary Hannah Geening, June 1, 1868".  Very good. (7353) $59.00. Children's

Frontispiece and Title Page, The Eskdale Herd-Boy

Eskdale Herd-Boy, The; A Scottish Tale, for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons by Lady Isabella Stoddart,  (Mrs. Martha Blackford) 1850 London, England: Griffith & Farran. This book was first published in 1819. Author intends to teach young readers the value of integrity, honesty, obedience, gratitude and control of one's temper. This edition is first to identify author by her real name (Stoddart), as well as her pen-name. 140 pp. 11 x 14 cm. Red cloth on board with gilt lettering; frontispiece engraving, very good. (7198) $23.00. Children's/Morality

Friendless, by a Friend to Youth "God helps those who help themselves." by Anon. 1846 New York, NY: C.L. Stickney. "Friendless" is the name given by the Sanctus family to a baby left at their front door in a box. Morality tale for children. Book belonged to Library of Rev. Eli Ballou, a prominent Vermont Clergyman. 208 pp. 9 x 15 cm. Blindstamped cloth on board with gilt lettering. Book has been subjected to moist conditions and has some dampstaining. Good. (1754) $24.00. Children's/Religious

Georgy Lee; or the Boy Who Became a Great Artist: and The Shadow in the House, First Edition. By Mrs. O.A.S. Beale, Illustrated. 1859 New York, NY: Published by Carlton & Porter.  Georgy in Trouble; Aunt Amy; Georgy's Great Sorrow; Georgy's Dark Days; Georgy and His New Friends. 140 pp. + adv. 10 x 15 cm. Blindstamped black cloth on board, spine torn. Pencil notes on ffep. On end free paper penned notations from S.S. library, Walton. Fair. (7788) $22.00. Children's

Helen in Switzerland, a Tale for Young People, by Bethell, The Hon. Augusta (Hon. Mrs. Adamson Parker) with illustrations by E. Whymper ca. 1881 London, England. Griffith and Farran. Helen Lancaster is a girl from Scotland, now with her injured father in Basel, Switzerland on the banks of the Rhine. Her mother is dead.  She's here to recover from a case of measles. Young readers learn about Switzerland, revolution, William Tell, Childe Harold.  192 pp.+ 16 pp. Publisher’s advertisements. 10 x 16 cm. Blindstamped brown cloth on board with gilt title, edges worn. Inscription on front free endpaper: "Georgie Brown, Xmas 1882". Very good. (3608) $30.00. Children's

Little Jane: or, the Young Cottager, and other stories; Authentic Narratives by Richmond, Rev. Legh 1855 New York, NY: Carlton & Phillips. Morality tales. Young cottager. The Negro Servant. 176 pp. + adv. 10 x 15 cm. Brown cloth on board, faded, worn with gilt title on spine. On front pastedown is bookplate from Library of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School, Chesterfield Fact'y Vill. Fair. (8048) $22.00. Children's

Lucy Wheaton; or, The Little Missionary by Ann R. Wells, Second Edition. 1856 Boston, MA: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. Children's Religious book.  Frontispiece engraving shows  line of girls with baskets, visiting an old woman.  Lucy receives a bright new 1828 quarter, and she learns about missionary work, and gathering money to help the poor heathen children.  108 pp. 10 x 15 cm. Brown buckram cloth on board with blindstamped design and gilt design on spine. A dozen pages have slight dogears. Inscription on ffep: "Carrie Smith, A Christmas Gift, From your Friend and Teacher, Dec. 25, 1861." Very good. (2772) $24.00. Children's/Religious

Marco Paul's Travel and Adventures in the Pursuit of Knowledge; City of Boston, Third Edition by Abbott, Jacob 1844 Boston, MA: Benjamin B. Mussey & Co. Young Marco heads for Boston from New York, taking the steamer to Stonington, CT and then the cars to Boston. Interesting, humorous and very educational tale of young Marco's visit to Boston; The State House. The Common. Long Wharf. 144 pp. 10 x 15 cm.  (6433) $33.00. Children's/Travel

Martha’s Mother has just died

Martha's Home and How the sunshine Came Into it by F.M.S., Author of "Hope On; or The House that Jack Built" ca. 1866 New York, NY: William Wood & Co. Martha is "situated" as a cleaning-girl in the home of a wealthy family when she receives news that her mother is dying. She returns to her sad, dirty home, her mother dies, and she is left to care for her father and the children, and all is grim, until Mrs. Burke arrives.  When Martha learns to pray, things get better.  94 pp. 10.5 x 15 cm. Blue cloth on board, blindstamped design and gilt title on spine, some water stain throughout, poor. (7798) $22.00. Children's/Religious      

Old Sea Captain, The by Old Humphrey 1845 New York, NY: Robert Carter, 58 Canal Street Book for boys that exposes them to the Old Sea Captain. Filled with naval and marine terminology, tales of foreign shores, shipwrecks and adventure at sea. 252 pp. 10 x 16 cm. Dark cloth on board, gilt design on spine, front cover blind stamped with design. Corners bumped, heel and toe of spine worn off. Pages foxed, gift inscr. On ffep. Good. (3322) $28.80. Nautical/Children.

Old Times, with Other Familiar Sketches in Prose and Verse: For Young People by M.H. and H.H. (Attributed to Helen Hunt Jackson).  1846 Lowell, MA: Daniel Bixby. Stories originally written for entertainment of the children round author's own fireside. Describes dressing up in Revolutionary period clothing with brocade dress as rich as a flower garden, high-heeled shoes with paste buckles, open dress with yellow satin quilted petticoat, ruffle cuffs and leather mount fan. "Carrier's New-Year's Address" includes hailing the Temperance cause and feeling a growing interest in the Anti-slavery cause. 128 pp. 12 x 14.7 cm. Cloth on board with blindstamped design and gilt title. Very worn, spine faded with small holes. Inside front hinge cracked. Text block lightly soiled.  Fair. (8010) $24.00. Children's/History

Our Katie, The Grateful Orphan

Our Katie; or, The Grateful Orphan, A Story for Children , with three illustrations by Myers, Sarah A. 1859            New York, NY: Carlton & Porter, Sunday-School Union. Author writes of her childhood and poor Katie, whose mother died, then her father. Author's family took in Katie…Katie in Disgrace….Katie's Reward.  Morality tale. 90 pp. 10 x 15.2 cm.   Dark cloth on board with blindstamped design and gilt lettering on spine. On front free endpaper is "No. 41 Chesterfield Facty S.S. Jan. 1868" 2 cm piece missing from rear spine. Good. (8196) $40.00. Children's

Philip Randolph: A Tale of Virginia by Gertrude, Mary 1850 New York, NY: D. Appleton & Co. In her 1844 Preface, Author Mary Gertrude writes that this tale is intended to convey a moral to the youthful reader; in Philip is shown self-denial and moral courage. Life amongst the Indians in colonial Virginia.  177 pp + adv.  10.5 x 15.4 cm. Brown cloth on board with blindstamped design and gilt title, cover very good, with tape library marker on spine and bookplate on front pastedown from Universalist Sabbath School Library, Marion, Mass. Also on front free endpaper, handwritten in 1850 style, "Sippican S.S. Library No. 98".  Good. (8014) $30.00. Children's/Morality

Pickles: A Funny Little Couple, by Yotty Osborn, with 21 illustrations by T. Pym ca. 1879 New York, NY Robert Carter & Bros. 168 pp. 14 x 19 cm. Johnnie and Bennie are two six-year old boy twins. This is a story of their adventures. Decorated green cloth on board, cover somewhat rippled in places, edges worn. Inscription on front pastedown: "Walter Jones, St. Paul's S.S., Christmas 1879." Very good. (3787) $20.00.  Children's

Rosanna; or Scenes in Boston by the Author of "Three Experiments in Living", etc. First Edition by Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee, 1839 Cambridge, MA: John Owen. Author Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee (1780-1865) wrote her first book at age 52, and obtained a fine reputation as a writer of books to guide children morally.  In this book, Rosanna McCarty is a young Irish immigrant woman in Boston, and she fits the stereotype of the time:  Poor, Catholic, and intemperate.  Lee's use of Irish accent and her description of life among these poor folks is colorful and sometimes funny.  This book has been reproduced very frequently, but first edition copies are quite scarce. 134 pp. 11 x 17 cm. Brown cloth on board with blindstamped design and gilt title, cover very good, text block soiled at endpapers and foxed. Owner's name  "Elizabeth Pettee" written in pencil on front free endpaper.  Good. (7997) $75.00. Children's/Religious

Scenes of Wealth, or views & Illustrations of trades manufactures, produce & commerce for the amusement and instruction of tarry at home travellers with copper-plate engravings, by Rev. Isaac Taylor, 1826.  Hartford, CT: Oliver D. Cooke & Co. For children, takes them all over England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to show how goods are made, and how England's 19th century economy works. Fascinating glimpses into life in this era. Straw work at Dunstable, cable making at Deptford, lace making at Buckingham, malt for beer at  Reading, mineral waters at Cheltenham, china at Worcester, pins at Gloucester, sugar trade at Bristol, the mines at Redruth, bullocks at Devonshire, pipe clay at Teignmouth, sail-cloth at Bridport, hogs at Hampshire, hops at Farnham, gunpowder at Battel, turnery-ware at Tunbridge, (whale) oil at Hull, paper-making at Maidstone, coals at Newcastle, buntine and shrouds at Sudbury, potatoes in Ireland, (with description of destitute poverty then prevalent in Ireland.) and much more. 168 pp. 11 x 18 cm. Marbled paper on board, with a "new" paper spine (perhaps 100 years old), cover well worn at edges, front hinge cracked,  pp. 91-92 two-thirds missing, bottoms of several pages frayed, poor. (4997) $49.00. Children's

Very Little Tales for Very Little Children in Single Syllables of Four and Five Letters, Second Series, First American from the Fifth London Edition 1845 Philadelphia, PA: Geo. S. Appleton, 148 Chesnut St. Tales printed in very large type: The New Born Lamb; The Bad Boy, &c.; Old Sly Sam (or Old Sam Sly); Poor Fan. 253 pp. 10 x 12.7 cm.  Blindstamped cloth on board, edges frayed. Front free endpaper torn, wrinkled.  Fair. (7787) $50.00. Children's

Friend of Youth title page

Friend of Youth; or New Selection of Lessons, In Prose and Verse, for Schools and Families to Imbue the Young with Sentiments of Piety, Humanity and Universal Benevolence.  Second Edition. By Worcester, Noah, D.D. 1823. Boston, MA: Cummings, Hilliard & Co. This was an influential little book when it appeared in 1822-- it had everything!  Divine Compassion illustrated by the Parables; Report of a Visit to the Loo Choo Islanders. Also, "Character of Numa Pompilius"; Fable of the Bee, the Ant, and the Sparrow." "The Smallest of Known Animals"--Animalcules. "On the Fascinating Power of Serpents"; "Influence of Education in regard to Appetites and Passions." "Influence of Education and habit on horses and dogs." "Effects and Influence of War" by Dr. Channing. "Rights and Duties of Rulers" by Rev. S. Blackslee.  Poem, "The Lord and the Judge" by Lomonosov. "Pride not made for Man" by Addison. "Remarks on Patriotism" by Gallison. "Reflections on Fireworks" by Addison. "Citizens of New England bound to support Liberty and correct Abuses" by Webster. Extracts from Russian Poetry by Karamsin, Bobrov. "Ice Islands and Ice Bergs"  "The Docility of Animals" by Smellie. "Salt Mines of Cracow, in Poland" by Clarke.  "Dangerous Influence of Party Passions". Much more. 276 pp. 11.6 x 18.2 cm. Beautifully burled calf on board, moderately worn.  Inscription on front pastedown: "Betsey Smith Jenneys Book, New Bedford." Pages foxed. Overall Good. (1616)  $44.00. Religious/Educational

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